Monday, June 7, 2010

The Silver Lining

Sorry I've been so absent. Things have been...well...insane around here. My 86 year old grandma (Tessie) had a stroke back in April. She was healthier than a horse up to that point, so it was a complete shock. The stroke occurred in her cerebellum (the back part) the part that controls movement. She was in a coma for 3.5 weeks and is very slowly coming out of it. She now moves most of the right side of her body, but she has a trache in, so she can't talk. She's going to need extensive rehab, and still the possibility of her returning home looks very grim right now. So i've been visiting her a lot.

Well then, i got sick. Not once, not twice, but three times in a six week period of time. First a sinus infection, then strep throat, then an upper respiratory infection. I'm hoping I'm finally done with being sick.

Two weeks ago, my dad, stepmom and half sister came out for a visit and stayed with us for a few days. They helped us do some major renovations on our house. Our yucky kitchen floor is no more, and we're 3/4 of the way done with the brand new one.

No sooner did my family leave, when my best friend and her daughter arrived to stay with us for several days.

And the most recent of devastating beloved Psycho had to be put to sleep this past Thursday. I came home from work to her barely breathing. I rushed her to the closest vet, they did everything they could, but it turns out after x-rays and ultrasounds...she had cancer on her heart (causing it to begin to fail) and stomach, and possibly her pancreas which caused her diabetes. Sadly, she is now in kitty heaven. :(

So the past two months, I've really taken a beating...physically and emotionally. But there is a silver lining....some good news...I was asked to display my photography at a gallery in Scotch Plains. :) So i need to get my act together, and get 9 more flower shots to bring with me...oh yeah and i need to get them framed. I will be posting the event to my blog wall shortly for anyone who would like to attend.

until later....

xoxo and thanks for listening...