Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Flies

I don't know if you've noticed...but it's already nearing the end of August. Yup, take a look at your calendar. It'll show I speak the truth. Here it is, almost 8 months complete in 2010, 4 months to go.

But where did the time go? I'm pretty sure I must have missed most of the year, because I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had planned. I wanted to finish my kitchen, but well that doesn't seem to be working out. Though we did replace the floor and get it painted...I doubt we're going to get the counter top replaced by the end of the year, cause let's face the end of the week, after working like crazy, me and the hubby don't feel like working on the house (which btw, we bought a fixer upper...that was probably a bad idea). We'd rather be laying around with the cats watching tv...or stuffing our faces. yeah we like to LOVE to eat.

(my new kitchen floor)

I also wanted to have my christmas shopping started...that has also not worked out so well. I'm still working on buying all of the presents for my family members who were born in August. Seriously, we have one huge party to cover everybody who was born in August so we don't have to go party hopping all month long.

I had thought by now I'd have lost more weight (i'm down 13.5 lbs though), but with it being a rough year, I'm now surprised I lost anything. I just can't seem to fit in as much exercise as I probably should be getting.

So what have I done this year, you ask. I have done a lot of soul searching, and I think I'm finally figuring out what I WANT. yay! it's been really difficult these past few years walking around with no clue of what i want to do with myself. it's still a bit of a ways away yet, but i at least have an idea.....


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