Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you know???

I offer basically all kinds of marketing material for your etsy shop. If you're a jewelry maker/designer you want to build your brand with earring and necklace cards, especially at shows. You might not have a buyer at the show (or they might buy one of your inexpensive items) but if you have a business card or contact info on your jewelry, it will help the buyer (potential buyer) find you again. And at Christmas/Hanukah or Mother's Day time, that could make or break your sales.

I also offer gift cards that you can sell not only in your shop, but also at your shows. Maybe someone isn't sure about which item they'd like to buy. They have two items they just can't decide between (hey, i'm indecisive...i know how it goes) so maybe the purchase of a gift certificate at the show, will help bring that person to your shop when they finally pick which one...and hey, maybe you'll luck out and they'll just buy both...i know i've done that multiple times. I figure well, i can't decide between them so i'll just get them both (i like them both anyway right?).

What i'm saying is, in a world of big businesses like Walmart, you need to make a name for yourself, you have to build your brand (or nobody is gonna know who you are). Your logo should be on EVERYTHING. And it is helpful for everything to match, your stationary, your address labels, your business cards, jewelry cards, your shop banner and avatar...EVERYTHING. If it all matches, people will recognize the logo when they see it again. It makes a huge go out there and make your little business look big!


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