Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Known About da Beffers

Useless knowledge about me, but hey you get to know who the writer/photographer is. :)

*Yep, I'm da Beffers. That's my nickname. I always wanted to start a company called Beffertography (obviously selling my photography). Silly, I know, but I'm a fan of the nickname since those nearest and dearest to my heart are the ones that call me that. and i find photography as a way to get myself to thought the name would be perfect, two things i love combined into one word :)

*I worked in a photo lab from age 16 to 21. It started as a holiday job, ended up being pretty permanent. I went from being a lowly counter person, to printing the photos, to tinkering with a computer to learn how to restore photos (a service which the company had not offered until my tinkering), to collections agent...crazy right? was i the manager, assistant manager? i'll never know, but they were like a second family to me.

*I started my first company at age friends and i sold friendship bracelets..that's the same year i met my best friend, kristen (aka the sweetpea - you'll probably know her as well as i do by the time i'm done with ya) - that picture is of me and the sweetpea

*After leaving the photo lab, i began working for the company that i currently own (well one of them)...and after a year and a half of working there....i bought it...check it out i transfer home movies to dvd

*Last August, I expanded the company...that's right....I now offer Print on Demand Publishing...another story in itself on how that came about. So i have a separate website for

*more to come :)

What's some of the fascinating info about you? I'd love to learn more about my online friends :)



  1. Hello there! Fascinating facts about me? I don't know that I'm actually that interesting. I met my husband on America Online (and he's not psychotic - well, not much anyway). And my name (maiden and married) appears in the liner notes of five CD/album releases. :)

  2. ps. thanks for reading the boring-ness that is me :)