Friday, March 19, 2010

Meet the Kitties!

I have four cats...I simply adore them.

The oldest is Psycho (left). Darryl (that's the hubby)'s sister had had a baby who didn't get along with Psycho, so instead of her going to a shelter, we took her in. Psycho is 10 now (her birthday is in May) and is a diabetic...always fun giving her insulin injections...let me tell ya (she's not named Psycho for nothin, oh and btw, we did not name her). As you can see, she's very photogenic and has become accustomed to my camera always being in her face.
Then there's Dumbledore (right)...or as we usually refer to him Dumbles, or The Boy. He's our only male. Dumbles is 22lbs of fluff...seriously he weighs 22lbs and he's not fat...he's a Norwegian Forest cat...and apparently they get REALLY big. He's the biggest marshmellow...loves to cuddle, is afraid of everything from oven mitts to the doorbell, to a vase of flowers...don't know why, but he's just so darn cute. We found him abandoned on the side of the road at about 15 weeks old. So we took him in.

And here's Minerva (left), also referred to as Moo, or Moo Moo. We found her in the same place as Dumbles 2 weeks to the day. And the vet estimated her to be 17 weeks old. She and Dumbles have the same birthmark and look rather similar, so we're pretty sure they came from the same litter. Moo was starving when we picked her up, she looked horrible, but I completely fell in love with her, and we ended up keeping her too. :) Moo is an awesome little huntress...when we play she's not fooled by my tactics of making the little fishie on the fishing pole disappear, no sir. She catches that fish every time. And look at those bright eyes, so her eyes, they're always so bright and vibrant.

And last, but certainly not least, is our youngest, Brandy (on the right) aka The Devil Kitty...she's the devil wrapped up in a cute fuzzy little package. :) I found Brandy two months after Darryl and I got married, in 2007 (got her 7-7-07, it was fate) at a pet store. She was there with some girls from an animal shelter. Apparently her family had abandoned her and her littler of kittens when they moved...they left her locked in a basement with no food. :( Her kittens had all been adopted and she was the only one left, but since she had been there for almost a year, she was going to be put to sleep if she wasn't adopted in the next 2 months. Well, she wouldn't come out of her cage for anybody except I came back day after day to visit, and just fell in love, so I adopted her and brought her's a good thing the hubby loves me. :) She's very snuggly and lovable with people, but not too fond of the other cats....we're working on that though.

So these are my babies, a rather large part of my life. I'd be lost without them.



  1. Beautiful kitties, and I LOVE their names (especially Dumbledore). :) Theresa

  2. thank you! minerva (moo) is actually named after professor mcgonagle :)