Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Up and Running

Well, here we go...welcome! I've had this page so long and have done absolutely nothing with it. Doh! But I'm up and running, learning how to use blogger, for one uber important reason. Yep...I've started designing graphics for other Etsy Seller Blogs. Well, how am I supposed to know the specs if I don't know how to use the blogger myself? So here I am tinkering away...learning as I go.

My first mission was to create button to link the World Wide Etsy Sellers blog. Hubby taught me the ropes, and we (more him than me) successfully created a button. Take a look over there on the right, you'll see it. And check out the page too, you'll find some great artists there. Well, I must get back to designing..but I shall return!


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